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Yacht charter, business charter

Yacht rent and business charters.
Absolute freedom, travelling according to your personal chosen route, no limits in time and directions – everything is possible if you travel on your personal plane or yacht.
Brave subdual of endless waves, exhibition of last cruise collections, relaxing rest on the ship deck with a cocktail in one hand and a modern novel in the other will become a decent reason to rent a personal yacht for the whole period of your holiday. Ledaro-Tour will assist in renting a ship which suits any taste. Romantic personae inspired by a love story of Captain Grey and Assol, will choose an exquisite yacht with a retro design. Fans of grand projects in Arabian sheik or Russian oligarch style will love equipped with the last gadgets super-modern yacht. You are welcome to choose any place on a water map of the world and we will provide you with rest other people only dream of! You will have a highly-qualified team on board and the possibilities for fishing and diving at your disposal.
If speed or sky magnetize you, fast and reliable planes are waiting to bring you to any spot without flight delays and other annoyances. Ledaro-Tour organizes business charters in every place where a take-off strip can be found. The plane size doesn’t matter.
Even if there aren’t any take-off strips in a place you want to appear, there ‘s surely always a possibility for a helicopter to land. To fly short distances a personal helicopter suits you best. Low height allows you to explore in details spreading below landscapes which will turn your flight into an enjoyable and fascinating journey.
Savour a dizzying taste of flight! Follow your course with Ledaro-Tour!

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