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Treatment in hospitals worldwide

Medical tourism has spawned a new concept of modern health care. Not being able to solve a medical problem in the country of residence, a patient chooses a place, doctor and a hospital where he or she can be offered the most modern and secure examination and treatment. The motto of the twenty-first century medicine – “Patients without borders!”

The geography of medical tourism has widened significantly over the last decades. Today it is possible to undergo treatment in almost all European countries. Germany, with its famous resorts in Berlin, Baden-Baden, Munich, Heidelberg, has always been famous for the best specialists in cardiosurgery, orthopedics and vascular operations. Italy has the highest number of thermal springs in the Mediterranean. In addition to various types of thermal waters and thalassotherapy institutes in which the treatment is based on alga and sea salts, postpartum rehabilitation program is the hallmark of Italian resorts. France has opened to the world famous resorts Vichi with thermal springs and cosmetics with its unique anti-aging effect. France is also strong in gynecology, plastic surgery and endoscopic surgery. Switzerland is the only country in the world that has a license for the stem cells operations. Cell therapy, which is used to rejuvenate the body, is called the future of aesthetic medicine. Israel remains the major health resort for the Russians. The world’s leading hospitals for treatment of different diseases are based in Israel. But we should not forget that only the correct diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. That is why Israel hospitals pay very special attention to diagnosis of diseases.

We will help you to choose the country of treatment, give all the necessary information about the clinic and treatments and offer a treatment program according to your diagnosis.

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