Концертное и туристическое агентство "Ледаро"


What is SPA?

SPA is a wonderful world which you can enter and slam the door behind you, leaving all your problems outside. This is a completely new attitude towards yourself, to your health, to your emotional state, to your appearance, to solution of unsolvable problems.

SPA is a philosophy of life.

SPA teaches you to love your body, your appearance. SPA will change your attitude towards the world around you. SPA is the most modern achievements in medicine and cosmetology – thalassotherapy, mud – and hydrotherapy, massages, Turkish bath, sauna, herbal bath, etc.

Spa is a resort with the maximum possibilities of improvement, prophylaxy and rehabilitation. A variety of treatment based on the healing properties of mineral waters, thermal springs, sea water, recover exhausted bodies and stressed souls. If you are healthy, then course of SPA-treatment will provide you with more strength and energy.

A visit to a SPA-center is always a little holiday for your body and soul. It is an opportunity of shutting down the crazy rhythm of city life even for a few hours and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony.

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