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Accommodation in castles, villas

Accommodation in castles, villas.
Truly high-level, royal vacations implies truly genuine scale. Forget about standard conditions of hotels, we will help you to have your vacation in the way nothing will restrain your flight of imagination.
Castles, villas, palaces, estates are luxury offerings for aristocratic rest connoisseurs.
In whatever world spot you are, we will select the optimum alternative of a holiday house.
Rent of a villa suits the best to have rest in a big company as well as to have a corporate or family event. Ledaro will also be in charge of the organization of your event itself.
Are you planning the romantic journey for two or just strive to spend one or two weeks on your own and to seek harmony of your body with your soul? Go ahead to choose the villa with an island included! Feel yourself a sole master of a practically wild island which during your whole stay will come into your possession.
It doesn’t matter which kind of accommodation you will choose, every will imply full service, including chamber-maid, cook, gardener and if necessary, babysitter and driver’s work.
Those who value breathtaking great spaces and the best ever landscapes will be proposed luxurious villas in the most picturesque places worldwide: Europe, Africa, Nothern and Southern America (Mexico included). You will be able to choose any estate according to your taste – a villa with a view on rare kinds of grapes or a rancho with premium breed horses.
At your desire during your stay you will be surrounded by the personnel which will hedge you round with attention, care and anticipate your wishes.
Are you dreaming of a fairytale holiday? Then use a marvelous opportunity to have a stay in a medieval castle and you will definitely get lost in time. Legendary castles of French, Italian and Austrian noblemen are waiting for you, and you will get into a fairytale by Charles Perrault or Grimm Brothers. Plunge into a magic of interiors which are hundreds of years old and nevertheless ideally suit modern infrastructure which grants you comfort in every detail.
European castles and palaces are the best frame for your wedding, from which your personal fairytale will start. Give rein to your imagination and then among the ancient Gobelin tapestry and mysterious portraits you will suddenly hear light step of ladies –in-waiting and whisper of their silk dresses. Holidays in castles mean romanticism, mystery, the grand style and unforgettable impressions.

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