Концертное и туристическое агентство "Ледаро"


To live gracefully – is an art. More than for 15 years Ledaro gives the people of Nizhny Novgorod the real opportunity to feel the art of a graceful life. Qualitative vacation –  whether it’s one night or the whole summer – helps you inspire to new achievements. We work and develop our skills for it. We organize concerts of Russian and international stars, theatrical performances, colourful shows, create unforgettable corporate and city holidays for it. We develop exclusive travels which embody your dreams. Ledaro offers vacations and entertainment for the most demanding clients. Areas of our activity are as versatile as life itself. We know how to properly organize entertainment for any taste: concerts, festivals, celebrations, shows, urban and corporate events. Our principle is: only complex approach to the realization of your projects.

In the field of tourism, we confidently occupy top positions in the segment of luxury. And it means that you are guaranteed an individual approach, attention to every detail and respect for all your wishes. Ledaro-Tour  annually participates in the largest specialized international exhibitions:

• International Luxury Travel Market, Cannes

• Spa & Wellness by ITLM, Austria

• ATM Arabian Travel Market, Dubai

• Luxury Travel Mart, Moscow

• Luxury Workshop in St. Petersburg

We have stable contacts with the world’s leading resorts and hotels, so fair price distinguishes our high-level services.

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