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Event tourism

If you have traveled a lot around the world and visited dozens of countries and walked  countless cities, if employees of hotels and stewards of cruise liners get to know you in person, if the residents of most remote and inaccessible parts of the world meet you, as a friend – you might think that you have been everywhere and seen everything. However, you are wrong …

Every day in different parts of the world there is a huge variety of interesting and exciting events, witness and participant in which you can become. If you want to witness the carnival in Rio or Venice, parade around New York in celebration of Halloween, taste Irish green beer on St. Patrick’s Day, meet a Buddhist New Year in Thailand or celebrate the Queen’s birthday in Amsterdam – you are welcome!

You can only fly for a few days, let’s say, to Iceland, look at the northern lights, or watch migrating whales in South Africa. You can cheer for your favorite team at the world cup football  championship,  witness the birth of new Olympic champions, sing along with Madonna at her concert in Las Vegas, dance at the carnival in Brazil, sit on the first row at the premiere of “Othello” at the famous La Scala, follow the Schumacher’s bends in Monaco Grand Prix, open summer in Antarctica in the expedition, walk through the streets of Karlovy Vary in the days of Film Festival along with the stars.

Event tourism is an enduring holiday atmosphere, individual leisure facilities and an unforgettable experience.

You see, the world still has a lot to surprise you!

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