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Wedding tours

Wedding tours with Ledaro Tour

“A dream and reality are joining in love”.

Vladimir Nabokov, a famous Russian writer

A wedding is one of the most significant events in our life. And the majority of us want to remember it forever as the brightest event sparkling with fireworks of emotions. Wedding tours will help you make this dream come true. A romantic journey in one of the most beautiful places of the world will plunge you in a fairy tale,  enforce your feelings, present you with unforgettable cosy memories your family book will start  with. And it will be twice more pleasant if professionals will take over the organization of your first important event. It will become a guaranty that nothing will spoil your holidays. You will get high-level service , first-rate hotels, elaborate details and travel programmes.

Wedding ceremonies underwater on Seashell islands and Maldives;

Engagement ceremonies according to the ancient tradition of Maya tribes;

Marriage on board of a Greek yacht which is a copy of a traditional sailing ship of 18 century;

Wedding in a royal family castle on Bali island;

Marriage in  gangster 30s of 20 th century style;

Wedding in a Sicilian mafia style in which you might expect luxury, unbelievable harmony and  refinement;

A pirate wedding in Thailand;

A marriage in a cowboy style in the USA, Texas;

An Indian wedding near the saint plant banyan or with saint animals – elephants;

A marriage vows on the shore of the Atlantic ocean with penguins in Republic of South Africa;

A wedding in Romeo and Juliette style in Verona, Italy;

A marriage in Toscana (Italy) on retro automobiles;

Safari – wedding in Kenia

and other unique scenarios are waiting for you!

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