Концертное и туристическое агентство "Ледаро"

Food and wine tours

Food can tell about the spirit of people more than works of art or architecture. As the French say, national cuisine is “an affair of pinches” of numerous unknown authors.

Gastronomic tours are not just tours for those who love to eat plenty of tasty food. These are specially selected programs of gastronomic relaxation for true culinary connoisseurs.

A gastronomic tour includes all your wishes – whether you are a French cuisine lover and  you dream of tasting the best sorts of cheese accompanied by selected wines or you have decided to find out what Spanish jamon tastes like or you aim to enjoy the world-famous spaghetti, pizza and Italian lasagna ..

Even if you don’t have any preferences in cooking but only the desire to try something different, just trust us and we will help you with the choice.

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